Be at your peak performance in leadership and life.




I work with executive and elite professionals and organizations to optimize their positive impact in the world. I help people be the way they want to be – to be connected and to perform at the level they desire in all aspects of life. I integrate proven, evidence-based personal and professional development strategies and provide evocative, creative, and confidential thought-partnership.

My work helps people develop and integrate all aspects of being and create forward movement to :

  • Be better leaders
  • Have purposeful and high-value impact
  • Be creative and find novel and innovative solutions
  • Discover what is beneath our awareness that drives thoughts and actions 
  • Recognize personal complexity and strengths
  • Have an expansive growth-mindset
  • Overcome personal and external barriers to desired change
  • Manage relationships, including deepening connections and enriching the quality of relationships with family, friends, and colleagues
  • Connect and stay connected  with purpose and values for purpose-driven and values-based impact
  • Increase balance and flexibility
  • Design and live the future you desire

I empower people to reach their fullest potentials  by sharing techniques, tools, and skills for enhanced mindfulness, performance, leadership, and resilience that are utilized by the world's top business leaders, Fortune 50 corporations, Olympians, professional athletes, the military, and renowned teachers. We work together to weave practices and strategies into your life to meet your personal and professional needs and goals. I work with teams to improve growth, performance, collaboration, joy, and engagement in the workplace.

My talents and skill-sets developed from my unique background as a military and healthcare leader, clinician, educator, thought leader, and entrepreneur, enables me to reach a wide variety of audiences in areas of passion for me including leadership and personal development, mindfulness, human performance, health, personal and organizational wellness, resilience, healthcare, and mindfulness in schools. 



Get from where you are to where you want to be.

Be empowered to transform, achieve greater leadership, health, happiness, performance, and resilience with evidence-based mind-body techniques utilized by elite leaders, Olympic and professional athletes, and major corporations for optimal impact and competitive edge. These skills are well-known to reduce stress, improve focus and concentration, increase productivity and flexibility, enhance relationships, promote team-building and mentorship, maintain balance, and cultivate joy. Learn how to access deep self-awareness and clarity to make sound decisions, identify and remain aligned with your values and purpose, and achieve success. Laura's neuroscience-based coaching and training is effective for:

- Executive presence & performance
- Leadership development

- Healthcare clinician well-being, performance & resilience

- Developing emotional intelligence

- Conflict management

- Team-building

- Alleviating burnout in people in high-stress, high-performance professions

- Workplace wellness and employee assistance

- Increasing work-life satisfaction

- Increasing creativity & innovation

- Teacher effectiveness & satisfaction

- Student performance

- Team-building & conflict management

- Athletic performance

- Military & first-responder performance & resilience

- Improving memory & accuracy
- Health & disease management

- Weight management

- Changing habits

The skills and strategies you will learn are effective due to the connection between the mind and body neuroplasticity, the brain's ability to change. Training works at a biological level, reshaping the brain and body processes, and creating optimal ways of thinking and responding to daily life circumstances and navigating challenges.


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