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Be empowered to achieve greater leadership, health, happiness, performance, and resilience with evidence-based mind-body techniques utilized by top leaders, Olympic and professional athletes, and major corporations for optimal impact and competitive edge. These skills are well-known to reduce stress, improve focus and concentration, increase productivity and flexibility, enhance relationships, promote team-building and mentorship, maintain balance, and cultivate joy. Learn how to access deep self-awareness and clarity to remain aligned with your values and purpose, and achieve success. Mindfulness-based training is effective for:

- Leadership development

- Alleviating burnout in people in high-stress, high-performance professions

- Workplace wellness and employee assistance

- Increasing work-life satisfaction

- Team-building and conflict management

- Increasing creativity and innovation

- Teacher effectiveness and student behavior and test scores

- Athletic, military, and first responder training

- Improving working memory and reducing errors
- Health and disease management.

The skills and strategies you will learn are effective due to neuroplasticity, the brain's ability to change and be shaped by experiences. Training works at a biological level, reshaping the brain and body processes, and creating optimal ways of thinking and responding to daily life circumstances.





I empower people to become their best selves and reach their fullest potentials  by sharing techniques, tools, and skills for enhanced mindfulness, performance, leadership, and resilience that are utilized by the world's top business leaders, leading corporations, Olympians, professional athletes, the military, and renowned teachers. We work together to weave practices and strategies into your life to meet your personal and professional needs and goals. I work with teams to improve growth, performance, collaboration, joy, and engagement in the workplace.

My talents and skillsets developed from my unique background as a military and healthcare leader, clinician, educator, thought leader, and entrepreneur, enables me to reach a wide variety of audiences in areas of passion for me including leadership and personal development, mindfulness, human performance, health, personal and organizational wellness, resilience, healthcare, and mindfulness in schools. 


My calling has always been to serve, to lift people up, to help them be the happiest, healthiest, most powerful versions of themselves. I served in this capacity as an officer, leader, healthcare provider, and educator in the United States Navy for 20 years. Since my retirement from military service, I have expanded my reach to individuals, businesses, the healthcare industry, and national organizations.


I teach evidence-based methods grounded in the science of mindfulness, positive psychology, and resilience to: 

· Help people be their best selves and reach peak performance in all roles

· Reduce and manage stress of all types

· Enjoy their lives and loved ones

· Improve relationships

· Enhance self-confidence

· Successfully navigate change and difficult situations

· Help people discover and reconnect with their values, as well as align their personal and work lives with their values and purpose

· Develop clarity and courage to make changes necessary to live a joyful and purpose-driven life

· Build emotional intelligence

· Improve leadership

· Create a ripple effect for the greater good


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