what people are saying ABOUT WORKING WITH LAURA

"I have had the honor and privilege of working very closely with Laura Bennett as a healthcare professional for greater than a decade, in a very structured healthcare organization, military medicine. With the rapidly changing environment and goal of becoming a high-reliability organization, the many demands placed on providers can lead to devastating professional dissatisfaction. Committed to positively changing the current culture of healthcare, Laura embodies the core of her values to positively impact outcomes through presence and compassionate communication with each human being she touches. Laura is an inspirational, dynamic. and committed educator in the area of mindfulness, resiliency and burnout, coaching and inspiring each of her students to individually promote self-discovery and build healthy relationships. I had the opportunity to attend her six week Mindfulness training course and this work and practice has changed my life! As I continue to expand my skills, mindfulness practices has enhanced my everyday interactions as a healthcare provider. Laura has taught me incredibly valuable lessons in self-care and resiliency to prevent my personal burnout in this fast paced, distracted society. As a co-trainer/facilitator in Relationship-Centered Communication in Healthcare work, Laura has been charismatic as she has guided hundreds of healthcare providers through challenging scenarios, teaching them skills to enhance patient and provider satisfaction."

- Nancy J. Silki, CAPT, NC, USN (ret) 

Special Assistant for Healthcare Resolutions Naval Hospital, Jacksonville, FL

"I've tried many things, and mindfulness seems to be the only thing that helps me calm down and be less stressed.  My colleagues have noticed the change and say that I am easier to talk to.  I am now noticing cues from my body that alert me about my stress response.  I know how and when to walk away and take care of myself.  I feel better about my clients and I can see what they are going through. I am more empathetic and I am feeling more accomplished at the  end of the  day.

- Senior Vice President

Commercial Banking


"Last fall, I was introduced to Laura Bennett and I felt an immediate spark of shared purpose. Her background fascinated me – a military leader turned midwife turned Mindfulness teacher – and I got right away that she had a clear sense of self, and a call to serve. I listened to that gut instinct and invited her to join me on an adventure to build a Mindfulness Program for our company and our community. Laura and I crafted a 13 week Mindfulness program that was open to the community. Each class was written and led by Laura, and each week, she shared valuable lessons and tools that made the concepts of Mindfulness accessible. I personally gained so much from Laura. Her methodology is deeply rooted in science and supported by data; yet her approach is nurturing, inviting and comforting. Laura has so much knowledge to offer any individual or organization, and I look forward to seeing all the ways in which she will leave her mark."

- Rachel Roberts , Founder & CEO

Oyl + Water  Marketing


“I had no idea how valuable weaving Mindfulness into my daily life would be.. until I started attending Laura’s evening classes this past summer. Laura masterfully defines and explores various aspects of Mindfulness, talks through how what we think and believe effects our bodies and how it can effect the functions and processes of the body, and provides a practical roadmap to weave more Mindfulness into all aspects of your daily life. If living an authentic, purpose driven, and passionate life are your mission, Laura Bennett’s Mindfulness classes are not to be missed!”

- Julie Mizrachi-Gaines, CEO 

Abundant Solutions, Inc.

"Laura is an excellent teacher and it is clear she practices what she teaches.  She readily adapts knowledge to the audience and has an intuitive way of connecting with the students. Even though it has been a couple of years since we worked together in mindfulness training, I still use these practices daily.  Setting my intention for the day first thing is one of the best skills I learned. I often come back to that for guidance when the day unfolds in unexpected ways. It serves to help control my thoughts which ultimately changes my responses. Letting go of 'stories' and preconceived expectations improves the outcomes with my co-workers and patients.

Formal mindfulness practice helps me to observe my thoughts and situations with fresh awareness without judgment.  The informal practices I learned bring new energy, clarity and focus when I stop to breathe for a moment or pause to acknowledge gratitude. As a nurse practitioner, I use informal practices to ground myself in the present moment as I approach each patient. As I give them more focused attention, I have a deeper connection with my patients and am able to discern nuances I might miss if I were distracted.

 Keep doing what you are doing,  Laura. This work is much needed in our world where people act unkindly to themselves and others as they disregard their own personal needs and lack awareness of the needs of those around them. Your voice is strong in this arena and I am thankful to have had a chance to work with you. It has made a lasting improvement in my personal and professional life."

- Melanie Hayes, FNP, APRN

Occupational Health Nurse Practitioner


"I’ve experienced mindfulness for transformational leadership and peak performance training with Laura in one-on-one coaching and group sessions. Her consistent care and compassion combined with diverse knowledge and expertise in the fields of mindfulness, nursing, and naval leadership give her a distinctive repertoire to draw from in creating connection with others. Her approaches are scientifically based and can be customized to meet her clients where they are in their lives. Mindfulness training with Laura has helped me to focus for longer periods of time, create greater mind-body awareness, recognize and reduce stress, while enhancing creativity, productivity, health and overall happiness. I am committed to this practice for the many benefits and am grateful to Laura for her skillful guidance and care. "

- Joni Roberts, MBA

Chief People Officer,  Polar Controller


"Learning mindfulness under the tutelage of Laura Bennett has benefited every area of my life, both business and personal. The skills you take away from Laura’s teaching are relevant, easy to remember, and easy to put into practice. I would recommend Laura Bennett to everyone who is interested in being more present, calm, less stressed and able to walk through life with more peace with whatever the situation may be."

- K.  J. French *

Shining Stars Applied Behavior Analysis Corp.



"Working with and being around Laura Bennett is a pleasure.  She has a naturally calming, authentic aura that invites you into an elevated space.  She is professional, sincere and genuine.  Her knowledge and teaching of mindfulness allows beginners and advanced practitioners alike to benefit from her guidance.  I am grateful for the opportunities I have had to work with her."  

- Abigail Patterson, PsyD

Clinical Psychologist


"Through Laura's training I have learned techniques that I can best describe as allowing me to 'reset"' Through short mindfulness exercises, I have been more successful in recovering from one stressful event or decision before moving to the next. This has allowed me to start fresh with the new task without allowing negative feeling from the previous task to have an impact on the next task. This has also allowed me to improve my ability to relax away from work as I appear to be carrying less stress away from the office. This will undoubtedly improve my personal relationships. I also find the exercises of reflecting on the good events of the day gives me a more positive outlook on the accomplishments of the day and more optimistic start on the next day. Overall, I believe that the learned practices keep me from allowing stress to mount. Instead, I feel that I am more successful by practicing mindfulness after each event so I am only feeling the pressure of a single event and not days or even weeks worth."
- Colonel Joseph Wells,
Undersheriff Putnam County Sheriff's Office


"I am learning to be more aware of why I react the way I do when interacting with other people and/or tasks. I am also able to return to a more neutral place so I can better determine how to proceed through difficult situations.

The benefits of Mindfulness-Based Resilience Training are always improving. I feel I can communicate with other people with a higher level of awareness in both, my personal and professional life. It is easier to take time to listen to what others say and understand that what they are saying has value to them. Good listening skills help with getting others to feel like they are being recognized as a valued human being.

I recommend MBRT to everyone I know. I am a firm believer that this training can help everyone regardless of where they are at this point in their lives. It is a great way to be more aware and appreciate all that surrounds us.

MBRT has been very useful to me. Before starting the practice I found it difficult to explain the way I sometimes felt. With the use of MBRT I am able to find clarity or at the very least start the process of understanding. I love the fact that you can practice anywhere you are without the need of any expensive equipment. You just need to stop for just five minutes, although I always prefer more, and just clear the mind and quiet the voices. I never understand why some people are so resistant to it."

- Oscar

Detective, Putnam County Sheriff's Office 


"Mindfulness-Based Resilience Training has helped me in many ways. When I start to feel anxious and or start to worry I can now control it by taking a step back and taking 5 to 15 minutes to find a quiet place and practice mindfulness breathing. I can regroup myself to deal with whatever might be thrown my way. I’ve learned I don’t have to be perfect and or have all my work completed the same day.So I’m not taking the stress of work home. The body scans at night are absolutely amazing because they help me fall asleep and relax faster which has also helped me regain patience needed for parenting my children. I really enjoyed this class because it helped me to learn my body and feel the anxiousness and or stress coming on that i can now control.

I’ve learned to be more generous to others when someone might be having a bad day. I don’t take it to heart. You must forgive and move on. I also try and show empathy for others even if we aren’t very close. Being kind and generous can truly turn someone’s day around. Even if its a quick compliment or just listening to them vent and telling them to have a great day!

Things are going much better for me. I have regained control of my body and how it is feeling. I know when stress is coming on because i can feel and control the tensions. I’ve regained the joys of all my senses and can enjoy walks and nature and different smells that someone in a busy life may tend to forget to enjoy from time to time because of rushing. I enjoy more time at home not worrying about whats on my desk at work. I have had several benefits from this class.

I would recommend this class. There are so many benefits one can gain from it. It helps to give you more time for yourself, more awareness of yourself and others, a better clear thought process. It helps regain control of your thoughts emotions senses body etc. I can honestly say if you take the class seriously and really open-up to a new thought process, this class does wonders!!! I’m so grateful I was able to participate and learn new things about not only myself but my coworkers as well." 

 - Employee

Putnam County Sheriff's Office   


"I believe the biggest change I see and feel {through Mindfulness-Based Resilience Training] is the ability to remain quiet and think before I speak, to actually stop and listen to others, and to review my answer before speaking, It makes me listen more carefully and understand what is being said rather than respond in a hurry to what I think is being said or asked/requested.

I have learned and will continue learning to see "gray" areas and others’ opinions and viewpoints. Sometimes there is not a right or wrong way, sometimes there are shades of gray. I also find that 99% of the time I am able to "breathe" my way through difficulties rather than become upset, nervous, etc.

 I definitely recommend this is a training. Anyone would benefit from if they allow themselves to fully participate, and I want to encourage anyone to take this training. I am so grateful to our Administration for allowing me to participate. It has and will continue to be useful in my personal life as well as my job tasks."

- Julie Johns Putnam County Sheriff's Office

"As a result of the [mindfulness-based resilience] training I feel as if I've made significant improvements toward my stated [pre-course] goals. I've practiced formally nearly every day and I've found I tend to notice more mindful moments throughout the day. As I mentioned in the group, I feel more connected to my experiences in daily life and I try to enjoy even the "dull" or "normal" moments of the present rather than fixating on the next "exciting" thing that might come my way. Additionally, I've also found it easier to recognize when I'm beginning to get angry or irritated and if I can catch it before I get too deep in the physiological experience of anger or irritation I've found I don't tend to dwell on it for as long and have an opportunity to decide how I want to respond rather than being hijacked by it.

I've recognized the necessity to connect with others and I have found through this training the ability to connect with family members, co-workers and even strangers I come in contact with in a more meaningful way. I don't know if its possible to ever really know the impact this has on my interactions with others, but I feel better about my interactions with others simply because I try to be mindful of my interactions on a more regular basis. I've handled situations differently than I would have in the past and I attribute that to the awareness I've begun to develop through practicing mindfulness. Even if I don't handle the situation perfectly, I'm aware of it and make it appoint to make amends when necessary.


I feel more a part of my life by noticing life in moments and life seems more meaningful in this way. As a result, I find more joy when spending time with loved ones and I feel like they enjoy the experience of spending time with me more now, too. My relationship with co-workers has never been bad, but I feel like I have begun to improve my interactions with others in a more skillful way which has positive effects even under difficult circumstances."

- Lieutenant Scott Surrency

Drug Unit Commander, SWAT, Putnam Cunty Sheriff's Office

"I tell people that if I hadn't gotten anything else out of this training, it was worth it just learn how to let go and better connect with my kids. I love my kids. I am the proudest father you'll find. But, sometimes it can be hard to let go of what I just dealt with and be fully there for my family, especially when it involves children."

- Detective

Drug Unit, Putnam County Sheriff's Office

"I found that the [mindfulness based resilience] training helped in me managing my stress levels at work and home. I'm not as drained at the end of the day and enjoy my free time more sense I have more energy. I have been able to handle dealing with [certa relationships] without having my anxiety level raise as much as it has in the past. I still have trouble with this one but now have tools to help calm myself down and react to each situation in a more positive way.

I didn't notice how guarded I had because with people over the years. Or how negative my responses to people had become. This training has helped me see the negative changes in my life and seeing them I have been able to start changing them. As a result to that I can now see more of the positive in others instead of just negative.

I'm more relaxed both at home and work. My ability to focus on tasks and change from one task to another more fluidly has improved. I'm not as short tempered since taking this training. And when I feel myself becoming irritable or anxious I recognize it and can choose to react differently. This has made my communication with others much more enjoyable. The awareness of my responses to things at home and work and the choices I make to respond differently have really lessened my anxiety and stress levels.

I would recommend this training to everyone. It's a great tool to have in dealing with all kinds of stress and a great way to learn about yourself. I really enjoyed the training and think it was well-presented and fun. I hope we get to do some follow up with this training and would highly recommend it to anyone in any high stress profession." 

- T. B. 

Putnam County Sheriff's Office


"Skills from Laura's training have improved my focus, patience, and sleep. Meditation has helped reduce my worrying . My focus has increased and I have fewer “squirrel” moments. It is easier to focus now, especially after meditation. I don’t seem to have as many sleepless nights. Meditation before bed or after I am awakened by calls makes it easy to get to sleep. I also think my people skills have improved. I pay a lot more attention to how and why I am reacting to things others say or do. Paying attention to how and why I am reacting before I respond helps me not react emotionally.

Since {Laura's] training I am sleeping again. I am less distracted in my interactions at work. I pay much more attention to how my daughter reacts to me and try to make her more aware of how and why she is reacting. Being able to see how I am reacting before I respond makes it a lot easier to not say the things that shouldn’t be said and find a better (less hurtful/angry) way to speak, if I need to speak at all."

- Detective 

Putnam County Sheriff's Office